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Working since 2012 Team Polemics has published over 135 apps to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

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Our skills and specialities include iOS, Android, SEO, Web Design, Cyber Security and all around tech handy’ness.

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About Team Polemics

Dustin Pack & Kevin Akers working in tech together since 8th Grade Computer Science

We worked web design back when it was popular to learn Java Script in 21 days. Took a long break after the .com bust in early 2000 and reinvented the team as App Developers in November 2011.

We’ve published over 135 apps of our own design and worked as app developers for a number of clients.

Our real passion project is the Polemics Academy, our goal is to stand at the intersection of technology and education to help students hustle in the information age, train talents and foster a growth mindset. Be sure to check our project out at www.polemicsacademy.com

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